When it comes to wooden floors, there are many benefits. Not only do they look great, but they are easy to keep clean and are far more durable than a carpet or vinyl. Plus, if you look after it with a little maintenance here and there, your floor can last for decades. One of the best ways to keep a floor looking great is to apply a quality finish.

These come in many different variations from wax to oil or a sealant. Oil finishes are a great way to make your floor last longer. They work well in both homes and commercial spaces and offer excellent protection from wear and tear. If you’re considering a finish for your floor, here’s the top reasons you should choose wood floor oil finish Manchester.

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  1. Better protection

Unlike lacquers, oil finishes actually penetrate the wood rather than sitting on top of it. This means you’ll get an even greater level of protection for your floors. Regular finishes only offer protection to the top layer of wood, whereas oil finishes will also protect the knots and wood which sits beneath the top layer. All of this will help to keep your floor in good condition for longer and will save you thousands on having to replace the floor after years of use.

  1. Anti-scratch

It can be difficult to stop wood floors from becoming scratched, especially in commercial spaces like bars and restaurants where the floor is subject to heavy use. However, compared to other types of finishes, any scratches which do appear on your floor will be far less visible with an oil finish. The shiny nature of lacquers means that scratches appear just as shiny as the lacquer itself, which can make them more visible in appearance. This doesn’t happen with an oil finish, and so if your floor does get damaged slightly, you won’t be able to see it as much as with alternative finishes.

  1. Natural appearance

Lacquers are the type of finish which provide a shiny, glistening look to your floor. This is great and helps to keep your floor always looking clean. Oil finishes are particularly great if you are looking for a more natural finish for your floor. The matte texture gives you a barely-there appearance and is much softer than the alternatives. It’s a great option if you are looking to highlight the grains of wood and features of your hardwood flooring.

  1. Easy re-finishing

Although oil finishes don’t last forever, the good news is it’s easy to re-finish the floor. Some other types of wood floor finishes require sanding every time they need refinishing. However, oil finishes can be applied without the need to sand the entire floor, which saves you in the long term on maintenance costs. This also makes the process of re-finishing the floor much quicker and will reduce the time your floor needs renovation works for.

  1. Quick to maintain

Even though you will need to reapply oil finishes to your floor if you want them to last a long time, it is quick and easy to maintain the oil to help it last longer. There are many products on the market which you can use as part of your cleaning routine which will help keep the oil in good condition for longer. You can purchase a maintenance oil which can be applied with a mop every now and again. This helps you avoid stains and moisture.

What is the price difference?

The cost between an oil finish and lacquer is very minimal. It usually works out a little more expensive for an oil finish, but there are so many benefits to it that it can save you in the long term. The overall cost of oil finishes depends on the area of floor where the finish is required. A professional will be able to give you a quote for a wood floor oil finish, and recommend the right products to use on your flooring.

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Wood floor oil finish Manchester

If you’ve decided that an oil finish is for you, or have a wood floor that needs a re-finish, your expert team can help. For advice, a quote or just to speak to one of the team, call us on 0161 945 8475 or email info@naturalflooringsolutions.co.uk