Varnishing a great way to improve the quality of your wooden floor. It is an important part of wood floor restoration and repair. Varnish gives your floor an extra layer of protection that will help keep it looking in great condition for longer. There are different types of wood floor varnishes available, and all of them can help your floor in different ways. If you’re thinking about hiring someone for wood floor varnishing Manchester, here’s the top benefits.

  1. Avoids stains

The last thing you want to happen to your floor is liquid damage or stains. This is true for both floors at home in kitchens or living areas as well as floors in bars and restaurants which may often have accidental spills. Protecting your floor against this type of damage is always recommended so you can reduce the risk of needing to repair the floor. Many types of floor finishes are anti-stain. This type of varnish is usually offered when spills are likely to occur.

  1. Water repellent

It’s well known that water and wood do not mix. Whether it’s a bathroom or kitchen, commercial or residential space, choosing a wood floor varnish that offers protection from water is always a good idea. This will save you in the long term if your floor starts to see signs of water damage.

  1. Enhance patterns

The chances are if you’ve chosen a wood floor with a patterned design, you did this because you wanted to be able to see the patterns. Some wood floor varnishes will need two or more layers which could obscure the design. An expert will be able to recommend finishes which not only leave it visible but will also create a shine or gloss to the finish which will make it look even better.

  1. Protect against scratches and scuffs

If you’ve hired a professional to help restore your wood floors, they have probably been damaged slightly in the past. In commercial spaces, with heavy use, wear and tear will always happen. And scratches and scuffs are also more likely to happen when the floor is used regularly by so many people. There are types of floor varnishes which will offer extra protection to avoid scratches and scuffs. Investing in this type of finish will save you more money in the long term as you won’t need to go through the process of having your floor sanded and restored to remove the scratches which might appear without enough protection.

  1. Easy upkeep and cleaning

Wooden floors by nature are much easier to clean than carpets, where dirt and grime may hide with carpet fibres. Whereas it is much easier to spot dirt on a smooth, wooden floor. The varnish, with its smooth nature, will stop dust, dirt and grime from sitting between the grains of wood and make vacuuming your floor much easier. It will also make mopping your wooden floor an easier task, meaning looking after your floor becomes even easier.

  1. Appearance

There are many ways that varnish can help make your floors look better. You’ve probably chosen a wooden floor because you like the way natural wood looks. And varnish will only make this better. The extra protection will keep it looking like this for longer and stop it from getting dark and dull. The natural shine it gives your floor will look clean, polished and bright for many years. You will also be able to choose from a different type of finishes to suit your style. From matte to silk and gloss, you can pick your floor varnish depending on the result you are looking for. You can speak to a professional to get a recommendation of which varnish to pick to match the appearance you want.

How much does wood floor varnishing cost?

The cost will depend on the quality of materials you choose. A professional will be able to recommend the best products to help you get great results, without spending too much money. The type of product will also depend on the space you are looking to have varnished. Commercial spaces will benefit more from using a wood floor varnish which is stronger as there will be more foot traffic across the floor compared to in a home. The size of the space will also affect the cost.

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Wood floor varnishing Manchester

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