Parquet flooring is one of the most popular hard wood floors. It is used in school halls, gyms and other large spaces but has also become a favourite in houses across Manchester. But because of its wooden material, it is common for parquet flooring to become damaged or suffer from wear and tear, especially in areas which have heavy use. The good news is, with the help of an expert, there are many types of damage which can be fixed. If you’re thinking about parquet repairs Manchester, here’s a everything you need to know.

What are parquet floors?

Parquet floors are a selection of wooden pieces that are fitted together in patterns. The diagonal style has become very popular in the last few years. This is called herringbone. However, parquet floors come in all different patters from square, to straight and everything in between. They were popular in the early 1900s and many people find this type of floor hidden beneath old carpets or vinyl. It’s possible to repair old parquet floors and return them back to their former quality.

What kind of damage can be repaired?

There are lots of different reasons a wooden floor might need repairing. Common damage includes scuffs and scratches to the surface. The good news is, these are easily fixed. Professional parquet repairs would include sanding the floor, which removes the signs of damage and leaves the floor looking brand new. This will remove scuffs, scratches, or other types of small damage to the floor.

Another common type of damage to parquet floors, is missing blocks. Because of the block pattern, it can be easy for pieces of the flooring to become loose and come away from the floor completely. This is often seen in homes, when carpet or vinyl is removed, and a parquet floor sits underneath. Sometimes the parquet may not cover the whole floor and could have pieces of edging missing.

It is possible for someone to repair the floor and fill those missing sections. They will be able to match the flooring to your existing finish or refinish the flooring to your chosen style. Modern types of heating can sometimes cause the floor to expand over time. This creates gaps between the parts of floor. This can be fixed by removing these areas and replacing them. Many people have also found beautiful parquet flooring hidden in their homes, if this is the case, speak to a flooring expert about how it can be repaired.

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Can water damage be repaired?

It’s well known that water and wood don’t mix well. You may find that water damage has affected your parquet floor and wondering if this type of damage can be repaired. It is always best to speak to a trained professional, who can give their expert opinion. Some types of water damage can be fixed, depending on the level of damage. If the area affected is quite small, it may be easy for a professional to remove the damaged wood and replace it.

If your floor has suffered from water damage, it’s recommended that you speak to a professional to see if it can be repaired before you think of replacing it.

How much do parquet repairs cost?

It is often the case that it is cheaper to repair a parquet floor than to have new flooring installed. Repairing the floor can take a much shorter amount of time, and labour costs are less for repairs than removing the floor and relaying it. The cost of the repairs will depend on the size of the area. Larger areas will cost more, and the larger the level of damage, the more this may cost.

How to make your parquet repairs last longer

Going through the process of repairing your parquet floor shouldn’t be something you have to go through often. A skilled professional will be able to advise, based on the type of floor and its use, how to correctly finish a flooring to make the repair last longer.

The last thing you want is a dull looking floor, only a short time after a repair. Durable finishes are available to help keep your parquet floor looking in quality condition for longer. If your floor has regular footfall, perhaps in a commercial space or building, it’s important to choose a quality, strong finish. These are even a good choice for homes in areas where people walk regularly from hallways to kitchens.

How to find a professional for parquet repairs

Parquet repairs should be completed by a professional for quality results. It is much more likely that the repairs will last longer once completed by a skilled tradesperson. If you’re looking for parquet repairs Manchester, you can contact us to find out how we can help restore your floor, so it looks it best. Call us on 0161 945 8475 or email