If you’ve invested in a beautiful wood floor, the chances are at some point your floor will start to show signs of wear and tear. Although the wood has lots of other benefits such as easy cleaning and it lasts a lot longer than carpets and vinyl, it will need a little TLC. Before you think about replacing a slightly damaged or lack lustre floor, you should investigate whether a little maintenance will help to improve its quality. There are various ways you can maintain your floor, some of which are quick and cost effective. Wood floor polishing Manchester is one of the easiest ways to improve your floor and doesn’t have to cost the earth. Read on for all the information you’ll need about wood floor polishing.

What is wood floor polishing?

As the name suggests, wood floor polishing is the process of adding a polish to your wood floor. It’s the perfect solution for an only sightly damaged floor, or one which you are looking to freshen up. It can add a shine to your floor, making it look brand new without the need for longer processes such as sanding or refinishing. It can protect your floor and improve its quality.

The polish can come in a few different types of finish from gloss to satin or matte. Speak to an expert about how you want your floor to look, and they can advise on the best type of polish to help you get the best results.

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How much does it cost?

Cost-wise, polishing a wood floor is much cheaper than other forms of wood floor maintenance. The overall cost will depend on the quality of polish your floor needs, as well as the size of the area which you are polishing. It’s always recommended you hire a professional to complete the job in large spaces, as they will be able to make sure the polish is applied evenly and correctly for longer lasting results.

What are the benefits?


Better protection

Wood floors need a level of protection to avoid them becoming damaged. A quality varnish such as lacquer or oil will provide the best level of protection. However, polish will also protect your floor. It’s recommended that polish is used in addition to a good varnish, but the polish will top up the level of protection. It can even help to avoid nasty types of damage such as stains or scratches. The polish will make cleaning your floor easier, and any liquids spilt on the floor will have to combat the polish before it can damage the wood itself. This can even be the case for stubborn liquids which are prone to staining such as red wine and coffee. Protecting your floors with a good polish will improve the longevity of your floor, saying you in the long run as you won’t need to replace the floor, or repair it, as quickly.


Because of the nature of wood flooring, scratches are quite common. Another benefit to investing in a strong polish for your floor is it will help to protect it against scratches and other similar damage like scuff marks. This can be especially helpful for commercial spaces like bars and restaurants which, because of heavy footfall, are more prone to scratches. However, even floors in residential properties can be damaged from time to time. As the polish acts as a barrier between furniture, foot traffic and other objects, scratches become less likely.

Easy cleaning

The best way to clean a wooden floor is with a damp mop. Steam cleaners are often used, but these can actually cause more damage as the steam causes warping and ballooning. Polish will help to make the floor easier to clean as stubborn dirt and grime will be removed easier with a layer of polish.

Avoids mould

Mould is one of the worst things that can happen to a wooden floor. But polish will help stop this from occurring. It’s important if you start to see signs of mould on the floor that you address this quickly before it becomes a large-scale issue. Speak to a professional about the best way to combat this, and then invest in a quality polish to avoid it happening again.

Helps against allergies

If you have a dust allergy or similar, wood floors are a much better choice than carpets. And a polish will help to stop dust particles from sitting on the floor too long. Polish helps you clean the floor quicker which will mean dust is easier to remove.

Wood floor polishing Manchester

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