At Natural Flooring Solutions we love wood flooring! But while wood flooring is certainly timeless and beautiful it is also susceptible to damage and age. Now, this isn’t a bad thing because with our old wood floor restoration Manchester service we can ensure any wooden floor is properly treated and always looks its best.

Many people dream of having that timeless aged wooden floor but while you might love that “aged” style an old wood floor will often require professional restoration at some point. Age might be beautiful in wood but it also brings structural problems.

An old wooden floor might be weak and worn-out in places which means it can get easily damaged and look unsightly. But with our professional old wood floor restoration Manchester service any wooden floor can look and feel amazing again!

Our professional service can help wood floors retain that aged look but still be structurally sound and strong again. We have a variety of different restoration techniques to suit various types of woods ensuring any floor looks stunning.

How We Can Help You!


The Natural Flooring Solutions team is made up of experienced professionals who are highly trained in all areas of wood floor restoration. Our services include professional sanding and polishing and all restoration treatments are carried out to the highest standards.

We’ll start any restoration project by first carefully inspecting your wooden floor and then work with you to use the best restoration services for your floor! We understand that every wooden floor is unique and that everyone’s needs will be different, which is why we take a unique bespoke approach to all our work.

So, if your old wooden floor is starting to look a little worn or could do with a refresh get in touch with the Natural Flooring Solutions team today!