Wooden floors are a beautiful option and are easier to keep clean than other types of floors like carpet or vinyl. They are also the perfect solution for offices, commercial spaces, or homes, and are a stylish way to dress your space. With a little TLC, wooden floors can last for decades but they do need a little looking after from time to time.

Floors in high foot traffic areas like offices or commercial buildings may also suffer from scratches or scuff marks. To keep them looking fresh and full of life, professional sanding may be needed. You may also be unhappy with marks or scratches on your wooden floor and want to repair the damage. So, if you’re thinking of hiring floor sanding professionals Manchester, we’ve rounded up all the information you may need.

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What floors can benefit from sanding?

Floor sanding can only take place on wooden flooring. From parquet to block flooring, there are different types of wooden floors which could benefit from sanding. Floors which often have heavy use could need sanding more often, as high foot traffic will increase the wear and tear and floors may start to look dull and dirty.

Commercial spaces such as bars, restaurants and offices will need sanding more often than flooring in a home. If your floor is looking dull or has signs of wear and tear, a professional will be able to bring it back to life through the floor sanding process.

Floor sanding can also be used when there is damage to the wood. Scratches, small dents, or scuffs can all be removed through the floor sanding process to leave it looking brand new, without the large price tag of replacing it.

How does the floor sanding process work?

There are multiple stages to the floor sanding process. The first part of the process involves preparing the floors. This includes removing any coverings, making sure there are no nails sticking out and any holes from previous nails which have been removed will need to be filled.

The floor will need to be vacuumed and cleaned before starting work. Once the floor is fully prepared, the sanding can begin. A professional will cover the entire length of the floor two or three times, with different degrees of pressure.

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They will follow the grain of wood and take out any scratches or marks on the wood’s surface. Then they will continue, making sure to create an even surface of floor. Floor sanding professionals will also have access to edging equipment which will be able to get into small spaces and corners to create an even finish all over. They may also choose to sand any fixtures or fittings which were in keeping with the original floor. The process of sanding may then be followed by polishing or varnishing to protect the floor and make sure the results are long lasting.

Can you sand a floor yourself?

Floor sanding is best done by a professional. The tools needed for the best results can be difficult to use, and you risk doing more damage to the floor if used incorrectly.

Sanding also needs to be done very carefully to make sure that floors are sanded at an equal rate and can result in an uneven finish if not completed by a professional. Dust-free tools are also used by floor sanding professionals which will leave the room clean and ready to use as soon as the expert has finished their work.

This will save on lengthy clean-up processes and will mean you are able to use the space instantly after the work is complete.

It may be possible to sand very small areas of floor yourself, but for whole, larger rooms a trained floor sanding Manchester expert will deliver better results.

How long does it take?

You may be wondering how long the floor sanding process will take. If you own a business or need access to the room which is going to be sanded, the process can be a little inconvenient. Luckily, from start to finish it can take as little as one day to complete work. This depends on the size of the room and may take longer.

How much does floor sanding cost?

When thinking about hiring a professional to work on floor sanding, you may be worried about the cost. It is important to remember that floor sanding is often much cheaper than replacing the floor altogether.

The process will allow you to keep your original floor but give it a new lease of life through changing the varnish or simply helping it look cleaner. It is highly recommended that you also protect the floor with a durable varnish if you are looking to hire someone for a commercial space.

Floor sanding professionals Manchester


Many businesses and residential properties in Manchester have benefited from professional floor sanding.

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