If you have a wooden floor which hasn’t had much TLC over the years or you’ve been lucky enough to find beautiful yet run down wood flooring underneath a carpet in your property, your floor could be a great candidate for restoration. The great thing about wood as a material for flooring is that even when it becomes damaged or worn down it can still be repaired and restored to bring it back to its former glory.

There’s often no need to replace the floor which can save you thousands in the long run. There are many forms of damage which can be benefit from old wood floor restoration Manchester. Read on if you want to know if your floor can benefit from this service.

What types of flooring can be restored?

Depending on the level of damage, most floors can be restored. If the damage is superficial, say scratches and scuffs or discolouration, this can almost certainly be fixed through restoration. It becomes more difficult when the wood has been severely damaged through water damage or if the wood is so old it has started to rot. Water damage can occur in a number of ways and is not limited to leaks or small flooding on the floor.

Even everyday processes like cleaning the floor can damage it. It’s particularly important if you’ve found an old wood floor and want to clean it to see the damage clearer, that you do so carefully. Do not leave excess water on the floor to dry, and make sure you do not use a steam cleaner. Steam can end up damaging the floor more.

The short answer is, if the wood is still in good quality but you are suffering from wear and tear, your floor will likely be a good candidate for restoration. It’s always recommended you get advice from an expert flooring contractor who will be able to recommend if your floor is able to be repaired through restoration processes.

The art of hardwood floor restoration process

How does wood floor restoration work?

The process of restoration is different for every floor. An expert will assess the area to understand the level of damage and should first advice whether it’s possible to get the results you want through restoration. The good news is, most of the time, as long as the damage isn’t too severe, you can restore a wood floor to make it as good as new.

The process starts by looking at each individual board and deciding whether it needs to be replaced. It is quite common in a room for some of the boards to be taken out altogether and new boards fitted in its place. This can happen when there are significant gaps in the wood which cannot be filled, when there are large holes in the wood from nails which would look too obvious if filled in, or if the wood has rotten in certain areas.

What to know about old wood floor restoration Manchester service

The floor will then need to be prepared for sanding which means removing any staples, nails or carpet which remains on the floor. It will need to be thoroughly vacuumed and cleaned. All the furniture from the room will need to be removed or, if that’s not possible, large furniture items may be able to stay put and be moved throughout the process.

Next up is sanding. Sanding the wood will do many things. It can remove any of the old varnish which remains on the floor to give you a fresh base to work on. If there are signs of wear and tear like scratches or scuffs, sanding the floor will remove these. It will also even out the floor, as over time floors can change consistency and this doesn’t always happen evenly. An expert will sand the floor several times with different amounts of pressure to achieve quality results.

After sanding has taken place, the next job is varnishing. There are many different types of varnish available from oils to lacquers and each have their own benefits. It is worth speaking to an expert to understand what finish you are looking for, how the floor will be used and how often you would like to spend time maintaining your floor. For commercial spaces like bars and restaurants a stronger finish will be required to make sure the floor has enough protection for the number of customers which walk across it every day.

How much does restoration cost?

It’s impossible to give a ballpark estimate as the cost will be affected by the amount of damage an size of the job. If your floor has relatively small amounts of damage, then the cost will be less. However, if there are lots of boards which need replacing, it can take longer to complete a job and you will require more parts to get an even finish. Speak to an expert for a personalised quote.

Old wood floor restoration Manchester

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