When it comes to floor sanding, there are many contractors who may be able to help offer services you need. It makes picking a contractor to hire a difficult choice. Wood floors are an easy type of flooring to restore, repair and maintain through floor sanding processes and other types of maintenance. An expert should be able to give advice on how to complete a job, which meets both your needs and budget. For commercial and residentials spaces, there are plenty of options. Here’s our guide of what to expect from a quality contractor for Manchester floor sanding.

What should you consider when choosing a floor contractor?


Tools and equipment

There are lots of different tools available for floor sanding, and a good contractor will have access to these. An expert in floor solutions will be able to tell which type of tools are best suited to your job. Take parquet floors for example. They require a slightly different tool to regular floors with straight boards. This is because of the nature of parquet flooring, where the boards all face different directions. Using the incorrect tools here could do more damage to your floor.

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A professional will also have access to dust-free sanding tools. This is a good way to avoid mess and dust from covering the area you need sanding. It also stops particles from resting on the floor which may create further damage. Ask an expert about dust-free sanding equipment.

Experience and expertise

Most good floor sanding contractors will have worked on several different types of wood flooring. If you are looking for commercial floor sanding make sure the contractor you speak to has experience working with these spaces. That’s because there are many different things you should consider for a commercial floor. As they often have a lot higher foot traffic than residential spaces, different products may be required to keep the floor in good condition. Floor sanding can be a difficult task to get right. It requires applying an even amount of pressure across the entire floor to create a uniform finish. This means, for quality results you should always pick an expert who has experience dealing with large spaces.

You should also consider whether the contractor has experience of wood floor varnishing. If you are looking to add a varnish to your floor after the sanding process, this is key. The varnish will allow for extra protection which will mean you won’t have to pay out for more work to be done to your floor. Check if the contractor is also able to offer this service, to avoid having to contract this separately.

Product recommendations

There are so many different products on the market for floor finishing. This is the process of adding a protective layer on top of the wooden floor to protect it from further damage. For residential properties, you may not require a particularly strong finish as the floor doesn’t get used as much as other types of floor. Commercial buildings, like bars, restaurants and hotels will need a higher quality, stronger finish to make sure there is enough protection for the level of foot traffic.

Another consideration is the way you want your floor to look after it has been finished. Some finishes, like lacquers, offer a glossy, shiny finish to the floor. Whereas an oil finish will look more natural and is almost invisible. You should speak to a contractor about how you want your floor to look after this work has taken place, to make sure you happy with the end result. A quality contractor will be able to recommend products which help you get this done and stay within budget where possible.

Budget and time estimates

Before you agree to hire a contractor, make sure they have provided estimates of how much the job will cost and how long it will take. This will be especially important for commercial spaces where the work may cause disruption for staff or customers. If you have to close your business for a long time due to floor sanding taking place, it can prove even more costly. An expert may be able to split the job up to minimise disruption, and if multiple rooms need sanding, you could split this over time to make sure there is as little impact on your business as possible. Make sure to speak to a contractor about this to find ways that work for you.

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When it comes to cost, there are a few factors which may change the cost of the job. The products used for varnishing the floor will affect the cost. Oil finishes are more expensive than lacquers, and so cost more in the short term. However, because oils do not require floor sanding to remove the varnish, if it needs replacing it can be more cost effective in the long term. Speak to an expert to understand the benefits of each type of finish, to make this decision.

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