When it comes to commercial buildings and wood flooring, a little TLC can go a long way. Your wood floor will last years with the right maintenance. And one of the key pieces to the puzzle of wood floor upkeep is finishing. It might seem there’s a lot of choice when it comes wood floor finishing, and you may not understand why it’s necessary or where to start. So, here’s our guide to commercial wood floor refinishing Manchester and why you should invest in commercial wood floor refinishing to save in the long term.

What is wood floor finishing? 

Put simply, wood floor finishing is the process of adding varnish (oil or lacquer) to the wood floor. This can happen either after the floor has been sanded, or depending on the type of varnish, it can be reapplied without sanding.

Why invest in finishing? 


Save on cost long term 

The simple reason of invest in commercial wood floor refinishing is it really will save you in the long term. Finishing the floor adds a layer of protection that will do wonders for its long-term quality. Without it, there’s every chance you could end up with scratches, scuffs, stains and many other types of damage which won’t look good on your floor. Once a floor has become severely damaged, you could end up having to pay for sanding and repair work to take place which will prove more costly than simply finishing a floor.

The worst-case scenario is wooden floors can even become so damaged that repair is unlikely to be possible. This could end up costing you thousands in having to replace your wooden floor. Investing in a quality protection for your wood floor will keep it looking great for years to come.

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Protect against damage 

So, what kind of damage does a good wood floor finish protect against? You might be surprised to learn the amount of protection a strong finish can provide. Not only can it stop your floor from getting scratched and scuffed it can even save wood floors from the worst kinds of damage including stains and water damage. The protective layer added to your floor will be able to stop even red wine from leaving stains on your wood floor. Plus, water damage which can occur through small amount of water sitting on the floor for too long, can be avoided with the added protection of a wood floor finish.

What are the other benefits?

Other benefits to a strong finish are the aesthetics. Whether you’re looking for a slick, shiny wood floor or to enhance the natural effect of the wood, you can achieve quality results through finishing the floor. It’s recommended you speak to an expert to discuss how you would like the floor to look after the finishing process to make sure you are happy with the end results.

Things to consider for commercial spaces 


Strength of the finish 

For commercial spaces like bars, restaurants, hotels and offices, the floor is used often by many people which means that wear and tear on the floor is more likely.  That’s why a durable finish is needed to make sure your floor lasts as long as possible. There are solutions which look best that can be used on commercial flooring. A popular choice for many buildings is polyurethane sealant. You can speak to an expert to find out about the right kind of products to use on your commercial space to give it the best possible protection.

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How much does wood floor finishing cost?

You should always speak to a professional to get a personalised quote for wood floor solutions. The cost will be determined by a number of factors including the size of the area of flooring which requires finishing and what the space is used for. A commercial space will benefit from a stronger, quality finish as there will be more foot traffic on the area. Oil finish is also typically more expensive than lacquers, although offer a quality, natural looking protection. You should always speak to an expert and inform them of the aesthetic you are looking for before they carry out work. This will help make sure you are happy with the overall quality.

How often do floors need finishing?

This depends on the type of finish you choose and the amount of foot traffic the floor is subjected to. Some finishes will last years, whereas others may only last ten to twelve months. If you’re looking for a finish which will last a long time, it’s worth speaking to a professional who can advise which products will work best for your space.

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Commercial wood floor refinishing Manchester 

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