Up and down the country, schools, universities, and other educational buildings have wooden floors. From school halls to gyms plus hallways and classrooms, wooden floors are very common. One of the reasons they are so popular is because they are extremely strong surfaces. With so many children and staff walking across every day, the chances of wear and tear are high. That’s why floor sanding is needed to restore the floor to its previous quality.

Dull floors are certainly visually unappealing, but this is also usually a sign that the varnish or protection has been lost. This means the benefits of school floor sanding Manchester are more than just about how your floor looks. Here is what you need to know about hiring floor sanding experts to bring your school’s floor back to life.

Why choose floor sanding for schools?

When you think of a school hall, you probably picture a wooden parquet style floor. These were popular in lots of schools across the country in the 1900s. Many schools over the years have chosen to install carpets in classrooms and other areas of the school.

However, this can be more expensive as they might need replacing quicker than other type of floors, especially when they are used often.

Carpets are also known for being more difficult to keep clean. They often stain easier and show dirt and marks much more than other types of floors. That’s why many schools in Manchester have chosen in recent years to remove carpets and replace them with wooden floors.

It is always worth checking whether hardwood flooring is already laid underneath the carpet. If so, this type of flooring can be easily restored through wood floor sanding, which in the long term can be cheaper than carpet replacement.

What does the school floor sanding process involve?

The school floor sanding process is different for every job. However, usually there will be some level of preparation work which needs to take place. This can range from removing nails to filling gaps in the flooring.

Depending on how old the floor is, and how long it has been since a professional has worked on it, there may have been a level of movement which has created small gaps between the wooden panels.

These attract dirt and dust and make it difficult to keep clean. Any gaps will be filled and closed in to create a more uniform, even surface before sanding takes place.

An expert will then use dust-free sanding equipment to remove any scratches or damage from the floor. They will then increase the pressure and continue sanding, to create an even texture. Edging tools will also be used to get into smaller spaces and corners.

It’s a good option in school settings to choose dust-free equipment, as this means the area is clean and tidy shortly after the sanding is finished. It also means you can avoid long clean up times or an increase in dust.

As school floors are subject to so much use, it is highly recommended that following the floor sanding, your floor is coated with a heavy-duty, strong varnish. This will act as a layer of protection and keep your floor looking in good condition for longer. An expert will be able to talk through all of the options for finishing your floor.

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How long will the floor be out of use?

Lots of schools choose to have repair work done during half term or summer breaks. This means the level of disruption is kept to a minimum. This is a great choice for floor sanding as well. Even though the process usually only takes a few days, it can mean spaces like halls and gyms aren’t able to be used by children for a period of time, so completing the work whilst the school is empty is the best solution.

The length of time it takes to complete a floor sanding job depends on a few factors. How many rooms in your school require sanding and how large the rooms are. A professional should give you a time estimate for the project before they begin work.

How much does it cost?

School floor sanding can cost different amounts depending on the number of rooms and the size of the spaces which need sanding. It is possible to chunk the work up into smaller amounts to make the amount you need to spend less.

An expert will be able to give you a personalised quote for your school. They can also recommend ways to keep the project within your budget.

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School floor sanding Manchester

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