If your wood floors are showing signs of wear and tear, you might think you have no choice but to replace them. There are many benefits to brand-new floors, but wood floor restoration is also a great choice that can save you a lot of money. There are lots of benefits to wood floors, one of which is that with a little sanding and re-finishing, it can appear brand new. The process of restoring your floor can also transform its appearance, helping you get the results you’re looking for. So before you choose to replace your floor, it’s recommended that you speak to an expert about commercial wood floor restoration Manchester, to see if you can get the same results you’re looking for, without spending huge amounts of money.

What is wood floor restoration?

Having your floor restored is different to surface level repairs. Some damage can be fixed by simply sanding the floor and refinishing it. When the damage is more severe, you may require restoration services which deal with the entire wooden floorboards, rather than just how they appear at surface level. This can include securing loose boards, lifting old, damaged boards and might even include swapping some boards out for new ones. It is usually needed when there are signs of damage to the original floor.

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What types of damage can be fixed?

Luckily, most types of damage to wood floors can be fixed with wood floor restoration. The most typical reasons for restoring a wood floor are poorly fitted boards, loose boards, bowing or warped wood. Even a little water damage can be fixed. An expert will need to take a look at your floor to be able to tell if the damage is beyond repair. You will usually be able to tell this yourself, as the board will have large gaps, dents or missing pieces and the damage will look quite severe.

Many people are lucky enough to remove carpet from their properties and find beautiful wood floor underneath. Wooden floors which have been covered for a long time are usually in need of a little TLC to help make them look beautiful. Sometimes the varnish may need removing and reapplying, or you may find there are pieces of the floor missing. All of this can be resolved by an expert and will leave you with a beautiful floor at the end of the process.

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What else should you consider?

The age of the floor should be another consideration when deciding whether to restore your floor. It’s entirely possible to restore old floors and get many more years of use out of them. However, every floor has a shelf life. If the floor is already decades old and has been subject to a lot of damage, it may not be worthwhile in the long term to restore it.

The speed of the project should also be considered. You might find, depending on the type of floor you’re looking for, that the process from ordering a new floor to it being installed and finished takes a lot longer than a restoration job. The actual restoration process is quite intricate and may take a little longer than installing a new floor, but both options leave you with quality results.

When will restoration not work?

You cannot make drastic changes to the wooden floors through restoration. Changing the type of wood, direction of the boards or the consistency of the material cannot be done through restoration and you will need to replace the floor entirely. In these instances, it’s recommended to understand the cost involved with restoration and replacement, so you can weigh up whether these changes are definitely needed before you replace the floor.

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Commercial wood floor restoration Manchester

Restoring a wooden floor is a great option for commercial buildings. Because they are usually found in busy places, like bars, restaurants and hotels, commercial spaces often see signs of wear and tear much quicker. When you have customers or staff visiting your property, having a clean looking floor is probably a high priority. Restoring your floor will not only help to make it look better, but it can help it stay in good condition for longer.  It’s always recommended when looking to restore a wooden floor, to speak to an expert about ways to protect the floor for longer. There are lots of products on the market which can help to improve the longevity of your wood flooring. Stronger finishes are ideal for commercial spaces as they protect floors. They act as a barrier between the wood and foot traffic and can even stop floors from becoming stained and scuffed.

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